Go on a Nature Adventure with QuestaGame’s Global Schools BioQuest

QuestaGame is a free-to-play, outdoor mobile adventure game that is fun for all ages. You can participate in QuestaGame year-round, but from August 1-30, QuestaGame is running a Global Schools BioQuest.

As part of this BioQuest, teachers and/or parents can create free teams which allow their students to work (and play) together as they compete against other teams to learn about and help protect their local biodiversity.

About QuestaGame

Submit sightings of your local flora and fauna while having fun playing a game. Join and create quests, earn gold, join clans/teams, compete against other players, identify sightings, gain levels, build your collection, move up the leaderboard, all while helping to document and protect your local biodiversity.

You can play it anywhere – be it in your backyard, a local park, a remote hiking trail. The game accepts both online and offline sightings, and includes data on over a million species. Your sightings are geo-tagged with location, date and time, so you’re not only mapping your conquests, but if you allow the game to share the data, you’re also helping researchers record and protect your local biodiversity. The game is fun, addictive and easy to play.

QuestaGame is a SciStarter Affiliate

QuestaGame is a SciStarter Affiliate, meaning that you can track the number and frequency of your contributions to QuestaGame in your SciStarter Dashboard.

QuestaGame is also featured on the SciStarter Education page for parents, students and educators.

Making Discoveries

Last week, a QuestaGame player became a co-author of a scientific paper based on an observation of a grasshopper he made while playing QuestaGame.

He is 11 years old.

Start your own nature adventure with QuestaGame!



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Caroline Nickerson

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